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Harness the power of your unconsious mind with these ten problem oriented golf hypnosis sessions. Ever hear “Golf is 90% mental and 10% physical?” Eliminate the psychological barriers you bring to your game and improve your scoring and enjoyment. Each session will systematically guide you through the changes you want to make to perform at your best. Unleash the Tiger in you today for your best golf!

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Become the King of the Putting Green

Despite all the complexity in equipment and technique, putting is the great equalizer in golf. We all have the opportunity to be great putters, regardless of age, sex, build, health and level of fitness. The older we get, the more golfers tend to forget how easy putting really is. We also forget how well we used to putt when we were younger and more carefree. You often hear the golf commentators talk about how some up and coming young professional hasn’t yet “learned” how difficult putting really is. They sometimes talk about how the accumulation of years of missed putts slowly frazzles the nerves and undermines the confidence of the older and more experienced golfers. So is there any truth in this? Well yes there is and the good news is that for most golfers it’s all in the mind and that’s where golf hypnosis can really help.

How do we “Own the Putting Green?”

Included are three sessions that address putting confidence, your belief in your putting and your trust in your instinctive green reading abilities. Also included is a very effective and imaginative technique that you will learn and take out to the greens to help you make the most of your unconscious putting abilities.

Remember you’re a Great Putter

Jack Nicklaus is arguably the greatest living golfer and a good putter. However in his mind, he remembers that he is an even greater putter. I’m sure that you’ve heard the story of him telling an audience that he has never three putted the last hole of a tournament or missed from inside of three feet. As Jack opens the floor to take questions, a man puts up his hand and says to Nicklaus.

“Jack you say you have never missed from inside of three feet on the last hole of a tournament, but I was watching you last month in a major tournament and that’s exactly what you did.” Jack looked at the man with those piercing blue eyes and repeated that he had never missed from inside of three feet on the last hole of a tournament. “But Mr. Nicklaus”, the man insisted, “I saw it, I have it on film, I can send it to you if you like”. “No need”, Jack replied, “I have never missed from inside of three feet on the last hole of a tournament. Are there any more questions?”

Now, has Jack Nicklaus ever missed from inside of three feet on the last hole of a tournament? Of course he has! Does he remember it? Not a chance. And do you think he cares that he can’t remember? Well, yes he does care passionately about the benefit of not remembering his bad shots. That may sound delusional, but wouldn’t you love to putt as well as Jack?

This first session, “Remember you’re a Great Putter”, helps you to do just that. It allows you to remember and imagine all your great putts, while forgetting about all those other putts you’d prefer not to remember. A great confidence builder!

Believe in your Putting Stroke

Just as Jack Nicklaus conveniently forgets his missed putts, it’s important that you believe in your putting stroke. Billy Mayfair has a fairly eccentric and very effective putting stroke. The only problem Billy’s ever had with his putting was when he started listening to the so-called experts who told him his putting stroke wasn’t good enough to compete. Now I don’t know how technically correct your putting stroke is, but I’d bet that you’ve holed a few putts in your time. When you believe in it, as Billy believes in his, you can putt that well all of the time as you “Believe in Your Putting Stroke.” This second session reinforces your belief in your stroke.

Reading your Putts Instinctively

Have you noticed how some people can just walk onto a green, take a cursory glance around and then hole a simply unbelievable breaking putt? It happens with other shots as well. Think about that amazing horseshoe chip that Tiger Woods holed on the 16th at the Masters a few years ago. Even with all his talent, I’m sure he didn’t honestly expect to hole it, but I suspect that he did intend to. That’s more than enough direction for the unconscious instinctive mind to work on, unhindered by doubt.

This third golf hypnosis session, “Reading your Putts Instinctively” starts out by helping you to expand and develop your peripheral sensory awareness through your eyes, feelings of touch, balance and even your hearing. This allows you to unconsciously take in more of the information that’s available to you, as you approach and stand on the putting green. The second part of the session reinforces your trust in this unconscious awareness, allowing you to read the green instinctively and quickly, using your powerful unconscious resources.

Better Putting in your Unconscious Mind Technique

The three golf hypnosis sessions in “Own the Putting Green” work primarily with your unconscious mind, building your putting confidence, your belief in your stroke and your trust in your green reading. And through the use of hypnosis, they do all this without you needing to consciously remember doing anything different out on the golf course. Over time, the new habits and beliefs just start to happen without you being aware of anything, apart from the improvements in your putting.

Sometimes, especially in the early days of using this program you may need a bit of conscious help out on the golf course and that’s why “Better Putting in your Unconscious mind” is included. Applying this technique consciously and conscientiously on the greens will give your unconscious mind the opportunity to participate more in your putting and reinforce the work of the hypnosis sessions.

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