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Harness the power of your unconsious mind with these ten problem oriented golf hypnosis sessions. Ever hear “Golf is 90% mental and 10% physical?” Eliminate the psychological barriers you bring to your game and improve your scoring and enjoyment. Each session will systematically guide you through the changes you want to make to perform at your best. Unleash the Tiger in you today for your best golf!

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Visualization Skills for Golf
Golf in The Playing Zone
Confident Golf Free from Fear
Anger Management for Better Golf
Better Golf with Less Practice
Learn Better Golf from your Golfing Heroes
Own the Putting Green
Overcome the Yips
Overcome the Shanks

Better Golf with Less Practice

Practice and Play Golf In Your Mind

Modern research shows that the act of “Imagining” yourself doing something fires up the identical parts of the brain that would be activated if you were actually doing it. So, if you’re imagining yourself playing golf, the neurons you’re using in your brain are the very same ones that you’re using when you’re physically playing the game. You really do “physically” practice your swing when you imagine hitting the ball and you have no reason to hit a bad shot when you’re practicing and playing in your imagination. It has been scientifically proven that the brain and nervous system do not fully know the difference between real events and vividly imagined ones! So you can practice perfect golf in your mind. According to studies at California State University – Northridge, mental rehearsal can be even better than physical practice, because it activates more abstract neural representations of physical skills. There’s even some research ongoing that’s finding proof that when you mentally rehearse a physical action, your unconscious mind sends out messages to build up the muscles needed to perform the action. Practicing and playing golf in your mind really does work and generates the appropriate muscle responses for whatever you’re vividly imagining.

What is included in “Better Golf with Less Practice?” Three sessions to:

  • Help you to play golf in your mind! Whenever you imagine, rehearse and play your shots, you will build confidence and raise your performance in a fraction of the time.
  • Learn how to practice in your mind. As if you were on the practice range, you can practice and integrate the changes you wish to make. Using the concept of Hypnotic Time allows you to speed up your practice and repeat new drills and techniques.
  • Learn how to practice and play golf in your dreams using lucid dreaming techniques.

Play Golf in your Mind

The first hypnosis session, Play Golf in your Mind, helps you to visualise and experience playing any course you know, mentally playing every shot and every putt. You’ll be using all your existing pre-shot routines and developing your strategy for playing the course. With the power of your unconscious mind, you’ll see yourself hitting the good shots you are capable of as you build your confidence and expectation of hitting great shots. As an additional bonus, this hypnosis session uses the concept of Hypnotic Time to speed things up when you Play Golf in your Mind. That means that you can unconsciously play entire rounds of golf in your mind in just a few minutes.

Practice Golf in your Mind

You’ve probably been told for all your golfing life that the only way to better golf is practice, practice and more practice. With this second hypnosis session, Practice Golf in your Mind, you’ll mentally rehearse playing all those shots you want to learn or improve and hitting them right every time. This is also a great session for implementing the swing changes you’d like to make.

This hypnosis session also uses the concept of Hypnotic Time to speed things up when you Practice Golf in your Mind. So if you have a swing drill to work on, why not go through it physically then go into hypnosis and visualise doing 1,000 repetitions in your mind in 20 minutes? It doesn’t take that many sessions to achieve the 10,000 repetitions the experts tell us is needed to implement a swing change. In addition, every one of those repetitions will be perfect, just as you imagined them.

Play Golf in your Dreams

In this third hypnosis session, Play Golf in your Dreams, you’ll unconsciously learn how to use modern lucid dreaming techniques to control and shape your dreams to allow you to continue rehearsing successful golf in your mind as you sleep. Hypnosis works by communicating with your unconscious mind. And your dreams, the ones you have when you sleep or daydream, are also the work of your unconscious mind. We all spend a lot of our time sleeping, so why not use some of that time to practice and improve your golf with lucid dreams.

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