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Harness the power of your unconsious mind with these ten problem oriented golf hypnosis sessions. Ever hear “Golf is 90% mental and 10% physical?” Eliminate the psychological barriers you bring to your game and improve your scoring and enjoyment. Each session will systematically guide you through the changes you want to make to perform at your best. Unleash the Tiger in you today for your best golf!

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Visualization Skills for Golf
Golf in The Playing Zone
Confident Golf Free from Fear
Anger Management for Better Golf
Better Golf with Less Practice
Learn Better Golf from your Golfing Heroes
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Overcome the Yips
Overcome the Shanks

Confident Golf: Free From Fear

Have you noticed how certain players seem to do well on particular courses? How many of the top professionals on the PGA Tour seem to come in the top 10, year after year in the same event? They perform well when they have ”no fear”!

Fear on the golf course can come in many shapes and sizes and it can result in a multitude of problems. People often experience fear, anxiety and nervousness over things that may embarrass them, upset them or distract them. A player who’s afraid of getting a bad bounce, miss-hitting a shot he’s about to make, shanking, yipping or hitting some other disastrous shot, is probably thinking about a similar shot he’s miss-hit in the past. People can also be afraid of being watched by other players or spectators. The list of possible fears on the golf course is only limited by people’s seemingly limitless imagination. Any fear will destroy your performance!

What’s included in “Confident Golf – Free From Fear?”

Free From Fear includes three sessions:

  • Turn Fear into Golfing Confidence
  • Fear-Free Golf
  • Motivation to Confident Golf
These are long and powerful freestanding golf hypnosis sessions to help you to turn your fears into golfing confidence and allow you to play confident golf automatically.

Turn Fear into Golfing Confidence

Given the title, you won’t be surprised that this track is designed to build a powerful resource of calm, quiet confidence to help you turn any fear, anxiety or nervousness into confidence on the golf course. Jack Nicklaus talked about his win at the 1967 US Open at Baltusrol and described how he was almost overcome by nerves after bogeying the tenth hole in the final round. He calmed himself down and went on to win with a record score by telling himself, “Here you are, starting to get afraid of winning the Open. You’re leading by 3 strokes with 8 holes to go. You’ve obviously played well or you wouldn’t be in this position. You’re still playing well. You’re doing something you enjoy, so enjoy it.”

Fear-Free Golf

The second track uses the power of your imagination to build an automatic, systematic and unconscious process to eliminate all those old fears, nervousness and anxieties you’ve experienced or imagined in your golfing past. Let’s erase those old fears!

Motivation to Confident Golf

The final track helps you to progressively build a library of powerful resources and experiences. Your unconscious mind then automatically calls on these resources whenever you are under pressure or experiencing one of your old fears. As a result you unconsciously turn your old fears into Motivation to Confident golf.

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