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Harness the power of your unconsious mind with these ten problem oriented golf hypnosis sessions. Ever hear “Golf is 90% mental and 10% physical?” Eliminate the psychological barriers you bring to your game and improve your scoring and enjoyment. Each session will systematically guide you through the changes you want to make to perform at your best. Unleash the Tiger in you today for your best golf!

Winning Golf
Visualization Skills for Golf
Golf in The Playing Zone
Confident Golf Free from Fear
Anger Management for Better Golf
Better Golf with Less Practice
Learn Better Golf from your Golfing Heroes
Own the Putting Green
Overcome the Yips
Overcome the Shanks

Playing In The Zone

Good golf is primarily the result of using both the analytical/conscious and instinctive/unconscious parts of our mind. This is most important when you arrive at your ball to begin your pre-shot routine and continues until you have finished the shot, learned from it and released it to the past. All winning Pros talk about being in a state of total concentration, oblivious to distractions around them, being able to focus totally on the shot at hand. Without any tension in their bodies and a smoothness of motion.

Now you can understand why we advocate the idea that the time you spend In The Zone, starts when you’re ready to begin your pre-shot routine and ends after you’ve hit the shot, learned from it and released it to the past. To be more specific, I’m talking here about four specific steps of Golf in the Playing Zone. They are your:

  • Pre-Shot Routine: where you consciously concentrate on preparing, planning and visualizing the shot you want to play
  • Rehearsal swing: where you get the feel of the shot you visualize
  • Shot Routine: where you unconsciously take your stance, have one final look at the hole and hit the ball instinctively
  • Post-Shot Routine: where you consciously learn from the shot and either celebrate it or release it to the past where it can’t hurt you.

What’s included in “Golf in the Playing Zone?”

Three powerful, freestanding golf hypnosis sessions each designed to create your playing zone:

  • Build a series of unconscious triggers to take you automatically into “The Playing Zone”
  • Zone out your inner critic and reinforce your positive inner guardian or champion so you naturally play more positively and confidently
  • Isolate and set aside all distractions

“The Playing Zone”

The first hypnosis session is simply called “The Playing Zone” and helps you build a series of unconscious triggers to take you automatically into the Playing Zone and step you systematically and unconsciously through your pre-shot routine, rehearsal swings, shot routine and your post-shot routine. This doesn’t specify the contents of those routines. We want to achieve a set of cascading triggers that take you automatically through from the moment you arrive at the ball to the time you release the results of the shot and walk on to the next one. For me, that’s the Playing Zone, the time for concentration. The rest of the time you’re on the golf course, you should be relaxed and unfocussed as you’re walking, talking and enjoying what’s going on around you.

“Zone Out Your Inner Critic”

Do you talk to yourself when you’re playing golf? Many golfers regularly talk to themselves in a negative or even abusive manner on the golf course. It’s almost certainly spoiling both your enjoyment of the game and your score. A good example is when you’re starting your pre-shot routine and deciding on the type of shot you’re going to play. Have you ever had one voice in your head proposing an ambitious shot with a driver and another one encouraging you to make a more conservative shot with an iron? Don’t worry about it. It’s perfectly normal. This second hypnosis track starts by building a powerful, calm, relaxed and resourceful set of feelings. This prepares you to learn more about your inner critic and the hidden meaning behind its negativity. The session also helps you unconsciously learn more about and strengthen the powers of your much more positive and resourceful inner guardian or champion. Finally the session uses the NLP “visual squash” technique to help your inner guardian overwhelm the inner critic while capturing any positive intention from all your old negativity. OK, that sounds odd, but it’s a very effective and rewarding process.

“Concentration on the Zone”

Some years ago we heard about a fairly obscure European Tour player by the name of Philip Archer. He had a reputation for winning the Pro-Am events on the Wednesday before the main tournament; often with a course record. This contrasted with him scoring badly on Thursday and Friday and missing the cut. His problem was finally diagnosed as over-concentration. “Concentration on the Zone,” is designed to help you isolate and set aside the thoughts and distractions that interfere with your concentration and enjoyment on the golf course. Some of these will be the usual golf related things like thinking about your score, your swing, course conditions – the list is endless. There are also the thoughts you bring to the course that have nothing to do with golf apart from getting in the way of Golf in the Playing Zone. Let’s end those thoughts now for better concentration and scores!

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