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Harness the power of your unconsious mind with these ten problem oriented golf hypnosis sessions. Ever hear “Golf is 90% mental and 10% physical?” Eliminate the psychological barriers you bring to your game and improve your scoring and enjoyment. Each session will systematically guide you through the changes you want to make to perform at your best. Unleash the Tiger in you today for your best golf!

Winning Golf
Visualization Skills for Golf
Golf in The Playing Zone
Confident Golf Free from Fear
Anger Management for Better Golf
Better Golf with Less Practice
Learn Better Golf from your Golfing Heroes
Own the Putting Green
Overcome the Yips
Overcome the Shanks

What’s included in Winning Golf?

Three separate and freestanding golf hypnosis recordings, to use as often as you like, to help you address three main issues many golfers struggle with in playing winning golf.

“Playing to Win”

The first track focuses on helping you unconsciously discover the changes in your mental approach that are required to find yourself playing winning golf at some future event. Your unconscious mind already has all the resources and knowledge it needs to accomplish this. It just needs some help to piece it all together. With “Playing to Win” you will unlock those changes to start you on the path to winning!

“Overcoming Barriers to Winning”

Many golfers have psychological barriers that get in the way of playing their best game. Everyone has their own barriers, a specific hole or course that you just don’t play well, difficulties playing over water, or hitting a particular club. The list of barriers is endless. “Overcoming Barrier to Winning” begins the process of eliminating the barriers that hurt your scoring and transforms your thinking for positive results.

If you think you have more than one barrier to success, run through this track over and over to gradually eliminate everything that gets in your way and prevents you from playing to the best of your abilities.

“Making the Most of Your Game”

Golf is often called a “game of if.” How often do you hear golfers saying things like: if only I hadn’t missed the green at the 14th. If only I hadn’t had that bad lie on the 10th. Maybe it was a bad bounce, or my personal favorite: if only I could play on the course like I do when I’m warming up on the practice tee. Often these are people who hit every shot on the practice tee with a fade and then try in vain to draw their first approach shot on the course. They probably try again on the next hole as well and when that still doesn’t work they start making changes to their swing – out there on the course!

How many of these golfing ifs are simply reasons, excuses and rationalizations for our bad decisions and our reluctance to accept that, as Bob Rotella says, “Golf is not a game of perfect. Winning golfers accept what happens to them during a round and make the most of the game they brought with them today.”

“Making The Most of Your Game” helps you reach that level of acceptance so you can shoot your best score today!

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